Why the College Admission Essays are Important

hi I’m Deb Schmidt I met senior consultant with admissions consultants and I’ve been involved with college admissions for 30 years now I’ve worked at Carleton College in Minnesota and Cornell University in New York and I’ve also worked as a writer for the College Board I would love how many families and students make this really special and important transition in our lives and I look forward to working with you since the majority of college applicants are self selecting meaning that they’re applying to colleges for which they put the basic academic requirements in terms of grades and test scores or what we had admissions consultants refer to as the academic qualifications room your academic record will only get you so far at selective institutions as a result a tremendous amount of importance will be placed on the other elements of your application especially your essays think of these essays as two to three minute windows to stand in front of an admissions committee and time to them without interruption you don’t want to nor do you have the time to tell them everything there is to know about you instead you want to tell the committee everything it needs to know to set you apart from all others and to know that you are a good choice for their school don’t want this to intimidate or upset you instead I encourage you to embrace this opportunity to distinguish yourself from the many other highly talented and consider it an early lesson in self analysis and promotion by reflecting on who you are how you came to be that person you’ll have a stronger sense of what you have to offer where you’re headed and how your college experience will help you get there not only will that help you write a compelling guessing you can’t help but make you a stronger applicant and a more successful person if you have any questions about this topic or any other issues about your college applications be sure to give us a call at admissions consultants 703 2425 85 good luck

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