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Generally the existence/potential presence of the word ‘by’ indicates that the diathesis/voice is passive. dichotomy – in linguistics, a dichotomy is a division or distinction involving two matters (tips, ideas, etcetera) which are viewed as to be totally distinct, especially opposing or competing, for case in point which may well come up in a discussion or selection. The adjective dichotomous refers to one thing which includes two different or opposing or contrasting concepts, thoughts, theories, and many others.

In some contexts a dichotomy is synonymous with a contradiction or with an oxymoron . (From Greek dikho, in two/aside, and tomy , which refers to a course of action. )dingbat – in composed or printed language a dingbat is a image – most frequently an asterisk – substituted for a letter, normally several dingbats for several letters, to lower the offensive effects of vulgar words and phrases, these types of as F**K, or S**T.

Dingbats may perhaps also be made use of to substitute all letters in a vulgar phrase, notably for dramatic or amusing result in cartoon converse bubbles, for example ***. or the probably considerably ruder ¡*¿¿*¿$$. ***. diphthong – a vocal seem of 1 syllable with two various characteristics, one particular merging into the next, usually extremely subtly indeed, produced by the mixture of two vowels, whether or not the vowels are with each other (for instance, as in highway and rain), aside (as in video game and facet), or joined as a ligature (as in the classic spelling of encyclopædia). Observe that the two different vowel best custom writing seem characteristics are not easily discernible and lots of speakers of the language worried will believe that these types of sounds to be a one pure vowel audio as in a monophthong .

A diphthong ordinarily involves a extremely slight glide or slide a a little bit distinct sound in the exact syllable. See also triphthong , which refers to there becoming a few unique audio features in a solitary vowel-audio syllable. Monophthong refers to a solitary pure vowel syllable audio.

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The phrase diphthong derives from Greek di, two times, and phthongos, voice/seem. diphthongization/monophthongization – this is a major element of language evolution: The evolution of speech and dialect (progressively across cultures) influences what we regard as ‘correct’ or ‘dictionary’ language and text themselves, and involves pronunciation transitions from monophthongs to diphthongs (and vice-versa) as significant elements. These transitions are referred to as respectively diphthongization (pronunciation introduces an further vowel seem this kind of as a slide or drawl, transforming a solitary audio to a double sound) and monophthongization (a double audio is simplified to a solitary a lot quicker simpler seem). These attributes and variations in language are considerable in producing the distinctions in accents when we review, for instance, the dialects of American-English speakers (from many components of the US) with every single other and with British isles-English speakers (again in a variety of components of the United kingdom) and with each individual other, and with other English speakers. These exact attributes of diphthongization and monophthongization have also been sizeable in the improvement of the English language in the course of record.

Comparable consequences exist in other languages. dis- – a really common prefix denoting negativity, reversal/inversion, or a disadvantage. discourse – a technical phrase for a communication of some form, written or spoken, and typically comprising a collection of communications. ditto – ditto implies ‘the identical as’ (the thing that precedes it), from Latin dictus, reported.

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