Intranet and Its Significance in an Organization

Companies all around the world are actively seeking effective ways to improve internal communication, efficiency, and engagement of their employees. Even though the latest technological advancements and innovations are responsible for numerous digital tools that can help them make these improvements, many organizations remain faithful to the simple, yet efficient solutions to boost productivity and ultimately, profit. One such well-known solution is an intranet. 

You are now probably wondering what the intranet is and how significant is it in an organization. Most simply defined, intranet, unlike the internet, is a private network for organizations and companies. This network enables easier connection, participation, and communication of all employees in the company. Given these features, it is especially suitable for medium and large corporations employing hundreds, or even thousands of employees. 

While the internet is a public network allowing access to everyone in the world, the intranet’s greatest feature is its privacy or the fact that access is denied to outsiders. The company can connect all the employees in one place and inform them about the latest news and important work changes. For partners and clients, it may establish extranet and authorize access to these parties.

Recently, the intranet has been experiencing technological modernization and revival. Many providers have come up with an idea to include social media or and similar platforms for better user experience. 

Suffice to say, the advantages of using the intranet are many. That is why companies aren’t yet willing to move on to some more modern possibilities for enhancing employee communication and productivity. And why would they, when with the innovativeness, intranet apps seem like an ideal upgrade to their business as it allows the house team to manage it. 

The key benefits of the intranet are reflected in the following matters regarding employees and business:

  • internal communication
  • mutual collaboration
  • connection
  • storage data
  • and engagement

Intranet’s strongest suit lies in its ability to fuel communication among employees from all departments and levels of hierarchy in the company. Every employee, not only managers, with authorized access to this private network, can message everyone on the grid. Furthermore, some organizations have something like a central hub or a feed where everyone can exchange information and be in the loop. Needless to say, companies should have an open and honest policy with their employees and keep them informed as it can greatly influence their communication, relationship, and productivity at work. With an ongoing flow of information, there is little room for mistakes and misunderstandings. 


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Employee teamwork is every employer’s dream. Why? Well, because in such team-oriented business environments some of the best business ideas are made. An intranet is a great tool for inciting mutual collaboration between employees. Along with the storage data option, teamwork on any project has never been easier. As a result, it will take less time for employees to finish any given task so this network also supports corporate time management which is a plus. 

Connecting all employees in one place seems like a rather daunting endeavor, more so, if the company employs hundreds of people. With an intranet, it is an easily accomplished task. Having their profiles with job positions and other relevant information stored in the directory makes it easier for employers to search for that one employee they need, especially if it is urgent. 


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The intranet platform selected may integrate the usual sharing platforms such as Google Drive, Cloud, or Dropbox, or have its system for storing files. Either way, with all important records and documents in one central place, the employers, as well as the employees, can forget about spending hours trying to find something they need. Besides, all the communication is stored on the platform so everyone can search for prior posts and messages if needed. 

Last, but not least, what employers want to accomplish with the intranet is improving employee engagement. While connecting the workforce may be important, engaging them in the right way is equally important, if not more. Conducting surveys annually is simply not enough. However, with analytical tools that the intranet provides, tracking, and measuring employee satisfaction and engagement is easy and quick. 

To conclude, employee engagement, communication, and productivity can be seen as pillars of a successful business. It is no wonder employers constantly search for new and productive ways to enhance these concepts in their organizations. Intranet proves to be a highly efficient platform. It provides perfect conditions for developing and exploiting the hidden potential of the employees. 


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