Greenhouse for Avocado design with a Detachable top

The plant’s need for warmth is determined by the complete amount of temperatures during the period from bud blossoming to berry ripening.

In the middle of Russia, the sum of temperatures in the summer season barely reaches 2190 C. Therefore, most forms need more than 110 days for full adulthood.

Growing grasses is interesting because it needs the gardener to continuously do his own research and analytical work. Even when the winegrower is fully armed with theoretical knowledge, creativity is needed for him. The progression of the vine is subject to particular rules, but in each single area, literally in each backyard, even more so in greenhouses, exactly the exact plants grow differently, requiring human functioning techniques. Take, as an instance, the main system.

In arid places, on clay, stony and rubbly lands, the origin penetrates to a depth of approximately 4 m. at which the subsoil is constantly moist, the origin lobes expand wide and are situated to a thickness of around 1 m.

The biological stages of this plant also has to be taken into account. To understand the vineyard and plan work, you want to have an idea of the yearly cycle of vine development.

Among the numerous agricultural methods, the trench approach can be considered preferable. With this system, nutrients are placed on the soil at highest area and thickness. The origins of those blossoms are provided with fertile soil for 30-50 years – almost the whole life cycle.

Planting order:

  • First, the top soil layers are removed and put individually.
  • A trench around 60 cm deep is dug.
  • In the very bottom put a drainage layer of shattered rock – approximately 10 cm thick.
  • On 1/3 of this depth in a hole set a nutrient substrate – peat (3 components ), sand (2 components ) and subsoil loam (7 components ).
  • Vine cuttings are planted.

Grape plants locate themselves at a nutritious environment. Their root system may develop sideways and downward, and from above it is protected by a warm loose cushion.

Greenhouse for grape design with a removable top

A broad range of blossoms is offered in our shop. Among the types of legendary, broadly known and the finest of modern you can readily pick the one you want. At your disposal are table grapes and wine grapes, white, pink and black. For growing in greenhouses suitable super ancient and early varieties of grapes, having a maturity period of the berries in 90 to 120 days. Design features of a greenhouse

1. Cellular polycarbonate having a thickness of 6 mm has been selected as the substance to cover the greenhouse for blossoms. Now this material is a pioneer in the manufacture of greenhouses for any goal. It isn’t prickly, fire safe, easy to manage with the simplest tools. Polycarbonate (hereinafter PKB) retains heat well – on a sunny winter day the atmosphere in a greenhouse warms up to zero temperatures and it gradually declines during the evening time.

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