Emily Robins Emily had skin that is fair a notably long face, and icy blue eyes.

Emily Robins Emily had skin that is fair a notably long face, and icy blue eyes.

She ended up being quite thin all her life, which aided her modelling job. Her locks had been ashy blond and mostly held long until she became an elder.

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Emily as being a toddler

Emily lived into the Dreamhouse together with her mother, Clare Siobhan Callery, her daddy, Ali Aiken, and her siblings, James Callery-Aiken, Jessy Callery-Aiken and Emma Villareal. Emma ended up being her twin, however they were opposites that are polar. When Emily became a toddler she got the charmer trait. As being a toddler, Emily ended up being the greater twin that is girly wore lots of reds. She ended up being managed and well-behaved to teach by herself just a little with potty training. The fact Emily was girly and enjoyed looking her best proceeded with her on her entire life.


Emily as a kid

Whenever Emily became a young child, she got the self-assured trait while the butterfly aspiration that is social.

She began her club that is own called ‘personal Butterflies’ as she had been nevertheless too young to stay The Paragons. She did not connect within Emma’s team, the League of Adventurers, as Emily ended up being always more girly than Emma along with her buddies. As a young kid, Emily ended up being nearer to Jessy than Emma, and Emma was nearer to James.


Emily as a young adult

Whenever she entered teenhood, Emily had the best choice associated with pack aspiration and also the insider trait. Her and Emma’s relationship became slightly strained if they had been teenagers because they had been both had been therefore various and every had their particular teenager struggles. […]