Must I go to the marriage of a few currently residing Together?

Must I go to the marriage of a few currently residing Together?

Have always been I Too Tough on Myself?

Sound Transcript

Pleased Friday. Today’s question comes from a man that is young listens frequently. “Hello, Pastor John, many thanks for the podcast! Here’s the dilemma we face at this time. My wife’s companion is also a lesbian, and ended up being recently involved to marry an other woman. My family and I are unified inside our choice you talked about back in episode 191 that we will not be able to attend their wedding, based on all the things.

“However, we now have heterosexual buddies that are engaged and getting married that are presently residing together and resting together before marriage. I do believe we might go to this wedding without doubt. But my concern to you personally is this: Are we inconsistent not to attend a homosexual wedding we also cannot affirm? because we try not to affirm their intimate life style, yet be prepared to attend a heterosexual wedding of unbelievers whoever lifestyle of premarital sex”

Perhaps Not the Final Message

It may or might not be inconsistent, according to other facets. Therefore i’d like to remove a thing that might be implicit with what this man that is young asking, in addition to paths of relationship he’s pursuing (or otherwise not) with both forms of partners.

“The real question is not only whether or not the marriage service is acceptable. It is additionally if the few endorses a lifestyle of fornication.”

What I would like to make sure to say is the fact that perhaps perhaps not going to the alleged wedding of a marriage that is so-called two guys or two ladies just isn’t the final term concerning the relationship that you will find by using these individuals. […]