5 Easy Fixes to Improve Slow Computer Productivity After Updating Windows

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If you feel a registry hack is too complicated for your comfort level, no worries, just skip it. Now with the "GLYPHCACHE" selected, look at the bottom window and you will see the value called "Limit" currently set to "8192". What this means is that we need to navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\GLYPHCACHE\" open up the value called "Limit" and change the setting to either "4096", "8192", or "16384" and save it. There are two points of advice I will always give to anyone when tweaking their registry.


All you need is the right permissions (Administrator permissions) to do so. Another type of REG_BINARY but this one is 4 bytes long.

Let the computer boot to Windows and a Command Prompt window will automatically pop up. Plug in or insert the installation media and restart the computer. Pull up the boot menu (usually F10 or F12) and select the installation media.

  • A single mistake in changing any of the settings in the registry editor would cause a damage to the system.
  • The Registry editor is used to change the settings in the system registry of your computer system.
  • Make sure you enter the name and type of value correctly.
  • After you close the Registry editor, your changes will take effect.
  • Before making the changes in the registry, you should have a back up of the registry and then try to edit the settings.

How Do I Open And Edit The Windows Registry?

Select Run as administrator in the Context menu for "regedit.exe". If your username contains spaces, you must surround the username with double quotes “” when entering the command.

Quite a few of your tips discuss options in Outlook that can only be configured in the Registry. From the Backup tab, expand My Computer and select the System State check box. In this example I have, from a local machine, connected to https://wikidll.com/microsoft/shmig-dll another server called ZTABONA and am able to make the necessary changes to the above mentioned keys. Make sure that a group policy isn’t in place that disallows remote registry connections. Regedit.exe allows you to remotely configure another machine’s registry quickly and easily.

Once you type the name in and click OK, you will be prompted to enter the username and password for an administrator account on the remote computer. For the third requirement, you need to click on Start, type in services and then click on just Services with the two gear icons. Both computers need to have the Remote Registry service running. If you’re hoping to connect to a remote computer that you don’t have access to, then you’re out of luck. In order to use Remote Registry, you basically need administrator access to both computers.

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